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Save Your Horse! 
A Horse Owners Guide to Large Animal Rescue
by Michele Staples

Horse owners everywhere should check out this publication
 and have a copy in their library for reference.
  You can obtain a copy by following this link: 
Save Your Horse!

Recently added is the Save Your Horse Website!!


Helping Hands, Helping Hearts


Prints of
Helping Hands, Helping Hearts
by Equine Artist
David Pavlak
Are Available in both Signed and Unsigned Editions

Proceeds from the sale of these prints
Will be donated to the
Large Animal Rescue Endowment Fund at
Eastern Kentucky University (EKU)

For details contact
US Rider



Expanding Roles for Häst
24 May 2006

Following the move to Virginia, Häst has considerably expanded its functions as outlined in our mission statement.  Recent activities include commencing construction on a log home for clients in Ferrum Virginia.  In addition, Häst is assembling satellite telephones for VMAT-2 which will play an important role in communications.  We are also beginning relations with the local humane society to determine what community disaster plans that might exist that include animals in disaster scenarios.  We will try to keep this page more up to date as new developments occur!!



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