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Riding Trails  

Here are some popular trails that have web links that have come with good recommendations.  
We will add more as we hear of them.


Also refer to The Kentucky Horse Council for another list of trails.

For all kinds of trails (multi-use) across America, visit:  American Trails


Big South Fork:  http://www.bigsouthforkinfo.com/

Big South Fork Bandy Creek:  http://www.nps.gov/biso/bsf_stab.htm

Birdsong Trail Rides:  http://www.birdsongtrailride.com/

D H Resorts:  http://www.dhresorts.com/articles/home.asp

Double J Stables:  http://www.doublejstables.com/

East Fork Stables:  http://www.eastforkstables.com/

Midwest Trail Rides:  http://www.midwesttrailride.com

Taylorsville Lake:  http://www.state.ky.us/agencies/parks/taylorlk.htm

Timber Ridge Horse Campground:  http://www.horse-camping.com/

















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